The CDPPCME assists music educators in designing and planning long-term units and projects for classrooms and ensembles.

To inform and guide project and unit development/facilitation we draw upon the following principles, concepts, and approaches: (This page is under development and is regularly updated with additional information)

Constructivist Approaches

(CDPPCME Constructivist curated resources)

Dimensions of Musical Learning and Teaching: A Different Kind of Classroom edited by Eunice Boardman

Project and Inquiry Based Learning (PBL)

(CDPPCME PBL curated resources)

The Musical Futures Project

Read these books:

Teaching for Musical Understanding

How do we move beyond a solely skill or performance focus and teach for musical understanding? How might we integrate musical problem solving in students’ engagement in our classes/ensembles? What is the difference between a musical concept and a label?

Take a look at Teaching for Musical Understanding 2nd edition by Jackie Wiggins to help deepen the musical experience and learning that takes place in your program.

Interdisciplinary Approaches

Sound Ways of Knowing by Janet R. Barrett, Claire W. McCoy and Kari K. Veblen

The Facets Model & BandQuest (from Barrett, McCoy, and Veblen)

Comprehensive Musicianship

Comprehensive Musicianship Through Performance Model

Read the following books:


Understanding by Design (UBD) 

(CDPPCME UBD curated resources)

Learn how to plan for deep understanding and expand beyond disconnected activities. Understanding by design is used widely across disciplines in K-12 education.


Read the following books:


(CDPPCME assessment curated resources)

We work toward assessing students’ learning and understanding through both formative and summative assessment. We are guided by deep and rich assessment measures such as through the development of student portfolios and authentic assessment. The following resources are helpful in developing concrete ways to assess student growth, understanding and learning.

Read the following books:

Arts Propel: An introductory handbook  by Ellen Winner, Educational Testing Service, Harvard Project Zero, Pittsburgh Public Schools

Tools for Powerful Student Evaluation by Susan Farrell

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