Though the leadership of former musicology faculty Dr. Richard Mook, the ASU School of Music, CITME, and affiliates are involved in a variety of curricular and pedagogical initiatives that address Hip Hop culture. Whether exploring the potential of Hip Hop music and culture in schools or building connections between Hip Hop communities, academia, and music education, our Focus on Hip Hop looks to provide musicians and music educators with resources to address Hip Hop as a social force, culture, and art form.

Ongoing Initiatives

Urban Sol 

Urban Sol (Public Practice and Community Engagement Event Series), formerly titled Civil Disobedience, is a ongoing event series bringing people together to enjoy, experience, and learn through Hip Hop culture. Ranging from panel discussions to park jams this series forwards Hip Hop discourse and practice while connecting communities across Arizona. Additional information. . .

School / Community Hip Hop Projects

How might young people express themselves through Hip Hop? What does Hip Hop pedagogy look and sound like? How might all elements of Hip Hop intersect in school environments? In what ways might DJ practices and turntablism intersect with traditional school ensembles? What can music educators learn from the Hip Hop community and vice versa?  These questions and related issues are being explored through school and community partnerships starting during the 2012-2013 school year to forward Hip Hop as an art form, musical practice, and pedagogy in a range of school/community contexts and settings. Whether focusing on beat production, the use of turntables, Scratch Live, and Ableton Live to create and perform music, developing flow and rhyme scheme, or connecting Hip Hop music and movement,  the CITME and its partners are expanding music education into new and exciting directions!

Urban Music and Movement Ensembles in High Schools

With the support of a HIDA Project Grant we are partnering with a local high school music educator and dance educator to pilot an urban music and movement ensemble. This project includes professional development for the high school arts educators, education for students, collaboration with a local urban dance duo, and ongoing research to inform related pedagogy and curricula.

For additional information and/or your school/community organization would like to participate in this initiative contact Dr. Evan Tobias

Resources for Integrating Hip Hop in School Music Programs

As part of our collaborative work with K-12 schools we are providing lists of rap music that could potentially be included in school settings.

ASU Music Education Masters Student Samuel Pena (who is also an instructor of our Urban Music & Movement Ensemble) created the following Old School Hip Hop Spotify playlist:

Consider that women MCs are often overlooked. You might be interested in Dr. Tobias’s article: Flipping the misogynist script: Gender, agency, Hip Hop, and music education.

We are in the process of developing and curating additional resources. Let us know of any requests you have.

Related Courses and Ensembles @ ASU

MUS294/598 Producing Hip Hop and Dance Music (Undergraduate & Graduate) M W F 9:90-10:30 (also available as a non-credit community program)

Hip Hop Seminar (Graduate)

MHL494/598 Music and Movement in Hip Hop Culture (Undergraduate and Graduate) M W F 9:40-10:30

Urban Movement Practices (Music & Dance)

MUS354 Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture

MUS494/598 Urban Ensemble  – 6:00p.m. -9:00p. Wed. (Also available as a non-credit community program for professionals and general public)

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