21st Century Musicianship

This module focuses on integrating the expanding ways people engage with music in the 21st century in PreK-12 music programs. We work to better understand how people are engaging with music through digital, popular, and participatory culture and how this might inform music teaching and learning. Whether developing an understanding of the potential for video games in music classrooms or the skills and knowledge needed to remix music in a sophisticated manner, this module seeks to broaden the ways that music education frames musicianship and what it means to be musical in the 21st century.

Current Projects Include:

Hybrid Music Courses for Secondary Music Programs

Several CDPPCME partners are in the process of developing and implementing new courses for students who do not traditionally enroll in traditional large ensembles. One district is working with the CDPPCME to develop a flexible curricular framework with several music teachers implementing courses organized around long-term units and projects that investigate what it means to engage with music in the 21st century. An other partner will be implementing a hybrid course including students focusing on vocal music education and others focusing on creating and remixing music with laptops, instruments, and a variety of music software.

Focus on Hip Hop

The CDPPCME and affiliates are involved in a variety of curricular and pedagogical initiatives that address popular music. Whether exploring the potential of Hip Hop music in schools or building connections between Hip Hop communities, academia, and music education, our Focus on Hip Hop looks to provide musicians and music educators with resources to address Hip Hop as a social force, culture, and art form. More information and related projects. . .

Games and Music Education

The CDPPCME is currently researching the affordances, constraints, and implications of integrating gamesĀ (on computers, console systems, and mobile devices) in music education. We are looking at both music-focused games and the music in games that are not music-specific. We are also looking at a range of interfaces used in conjunction with video games systems and how people interact with the games and music. More information and related projects. . .

STEM, STEAM & Music Education

Given a growing interest in schools addressing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), the CDPPCME is assisting music educators integrate STEM into music education and music education into STEM or STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math). A key aspect of this work is combining musicianship, musical understanding, and musical learning with principles and core concepts related to STEM ranging from physics to computational thinking. This work is taking place in music education courses at ASU and is starting to occur in local schools with music educators partnering with the CDPPCME. Contact us if you are interested in partnering with the CDPPCME to address STEM, STEAM, and music education in your school.


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