Through on-site and web-based collaborations the CDPPCME works with practicing and pre-service music educators in a variety of initiatives and research endeavors.

Projects currently exist within and across four overarching modules:

  • 21st Century Musicianship
  • Musical Instruments & Interfaces
  • Concert Interactivity, Education, & Extension
  • Curricula & Pedagogy

21st Century Musicianship
This module focuses on integrating the expanding ways people engage with music in the 21st century in PreK-12 music programs. We work to better understand how people are engaging with music through digital, popular, and participatory culture and how this might inform music teaching and learning. Whether developing an understanding of the potential for video games in music classrooms or the skills and knowledge needed to remix music in a sophisticated manner, this module seeks to broaden the ways that music education frames musicianship and what it means to be musical in the 21st century.

Current projects include:

Musical Instruments & Interfaces
Consortium members integrate electronic instruments, digital technology, computers, alternative controllers, and software in music classrooms to determine the potential for these technologies in music education and how they might be used as creative and expressive tools for music making. This module thus provides music educators, the creators of new instruments/interfaces/technologies, and companies with naturalistic environments and feedback regarding pedagogical and curricular implications for new technologies in music teaching and learning. We actively seek partnerships with music industry, inventors, designers, entrepreneurs, and others interested in expanding possibilities for music education.

Current projects include:
Instruments/Interfaces/Technologies currently in use at the ASU School of Music
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Concert Interactivity, Education, and Extension

This module examines the notion of concerts/performances/informances in an age of digital and participatory culture. We seek to examine how concerts might be expanded and reconceptualized taking into account affordances/challenges/limitations of technology and various modes of interaction. We also look to extend the concert experience by developing ways students and audiences might engage with music before, during, and after performances and presentations.

Curricula and Pedagogy
All consortium projects seek to examine and develop curricula and pedagogies with potential to broaden, deepen, and transform music teaching and learning. Through use-inspired research, we analyze, develop, and disseminate our findings on best practices, appropriate pedagogies, and curricular frameworks.
Curricular and Pedagogical Best Practices Include:
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