Popular Music and Culture

CITME assists pre-service and in-service music educators address popular music and culture in varied settings.

Current Projects

Urban Arts and Culture

Our Urban Arts and Culture initiatives currently focus primarily on Hip Hop culture and related music as well as electronic dance music and related culture.

Past Projects

Updates & News       

    Nils Lofgren Composes and Performs with Arcadia High School CMAS Program

    Students in Arcadia High School's Contemporary Music and Sound (CMAS) program collaborated with rock guitarist, Nils Lofgren to create a new music video for Lofgren's song Miss You Ray. Lofgren has a long and illustrious career as a professional guitarist and is probably best known as a member of Bruce Springsteen's E-Street Band. CMAS students produced, directed, and appeared in the video. Additionally a number of students involved with the Media Communications program were involved with production work related to the video.

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    Furthering Dialogue on Popular Music Pedagogy: Xtranormal Style

    Students in the ASU School of Music's Popular Culture and Music in Music Education course recently created the following xtranormal movies to further dialogue on popular music and relevant pedagogies in music programs. By synthesizing theoretical frameworks and concepts from the first half of the semester that relate to integrating and teaching through popular music and culture, students added nuance, humor, and creative flair to a decades-long debate.

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    CMAS: One example of a school expanding its music education program

    Congratulations to CDPPCME partner Arcadia High School and their Contemporary Music and Sound Program under the leadership of Richard Maxwell for producing the following video that demonstrates a little of what takes place in CMAS:

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 Representative Publications

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