Our music education graduate program offers countless opportunities for work, study, and research related to digital, popular, and participatory culture. Degree candidates have a range of choices to design an individualized program of study in consultation with a faculty advisor.

The master's degree program in music education provides professional education for music educators and community musicians. Flexible study options are available for individuals who are teaching full-time or part-time, and for those who wish to enroll as full-time graduates.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Music degree with a concentration in music education is comprised of a highly select community of national and international students engaged in an intensive program of study that includes research opportunities, teaching internships, and publication and presentation experiences. The Ph.D. in music education qualifies graduates for faculty positions at colleges or universities in the United States or abroad, and for leadership and administrative positions in the arts and arts education. 

Learn more about the Arizona State University School of Music graduate program in music education. 

Post Degree Certification

Master of Music in Music Education

PhD in Music, Music Education Concentration

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