The following courses at ASU relate to themes and issues at focus in the CDPPCME:

Music Education

Digital and Participatory Culture in Music Education (Graduate)

Listening and Composing in Music Education (Graduate)

Popular Culture and Music in Music Education (Graduate)

Project-Based Learning Approaches to Teaching & Learning Music (Graduate)

Videogames and Contemporary Technology in Music Education (Graduate)

Music Studies

Electronic Studio Techniques I & II (Graduate)

MUS294/598 Producing Hip Hop and Dance Music (Undergraduate & Graduate) M W F 9:90-10:30 (also available as a non-credit community program)

Hip Hop Seminar (Graduate)

Issues and History in Popular Music

Music and Film (Graduate)

MHL494/598 Music and Movement in Hip Hop Culture (Undergraduate and Graduate) M W F 9:40-10:30

Urban Movement Practices (Music & Dance)

(Online Courses)

MUS294 Songwriting

MUS294 Song Production with Garageband

MUS354 Elvis Presley

MUS354 Music of the Beatles

MUS354 The Beatles After the Beatles

MUS354 Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture

MUS354 Rock the Early Years

MUS354 Lady Gaga

Instrumental Courses and Ensembles

MUS494/598 Hip Hop Ensemble M – 6:00p.m. -9:00p.m. (Also available as a non-credit community program for professionals and general public)

MUS194  Rock Guitar  Fall T TH 3:45 – 4:35

MUS294 Rock Band Fall W 6:00p.m. – 9:00p.m.

Digital Culture Initiative

Open Minds Digital Ears: Contemporary Musicianship (Undergraduate – Level I of music track for HIDA Digital Culture Initiative)

Performing in Digital and Hybrid Music Groups (Undergraduate – Level II of music track for HIDA Digital Culture Initiative and also open to music majors)

Community Outreach

Community outreach with local organizations, after school programs, and schools are available. Contact Dr. Tobias for information.

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