Music educators sometimes wonder if electronic instruments can be used in elementary settings. CDPPCME @ ASU Partner the Summit School of Ahwatukee has been integrating electronic instruments such as keyboards, synthesizers, a Korg Kaossilator, Roland Handsonic HPD-15 electronic drum pad, along with the sounds in Garageband for about a school year.

Tutorials for students by students

Summit School music educator Jennifer Horne had her students create tutorials as a way of demonstring their new understanding of the instruments and as a resource for their peers. A compilation of tutorial footage for the Kaossilator and HPD15 are available below and on SchoolTube. Students from grades two through five contributed to the tutorials and original compsositions and improvisations featured throught the videos. The students who created the piece “Attack of the Jellyfish,” which starts at about 4:16 in the Handsonic tutorial video were particularly excited about their original composition.

The CDPPCME diigo group site includes additional curated resources on the Kaossilator and Handsonic HPD-15


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